Swallow nest reduces the vestibular disorders

Today, vestibular disorders are a common disease in society. This syndrome usually occurs in women, or in the mentally ill, unstable psychologically, or in panic or fear. In particular, it is common in premenopausal women (45 years).

1. Causes of vestibular disorders

Swallow nest reduces the vestibular disorders 1

Tachycardia is a condition in which the nerve damage is caused by a variety of causes, resulting in erroneous communication leading to loss of balance, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, etc. The obstruction of the brain due to blockage or anemia also causes the vestibular system to receive slow information or deviation from the brain also cause this condition.

Low blood pressure, stroke, anemia, cardiovascular diseases, endocrine disorders in premenopausal women, … are the most common causes of blood vessel obstruction, causing vestibular disorders. I often mention.

Stress syndrome (anxiety, stress, insomnia …) is one of the major causes of vestibular disorders. Stress causes the body to produce large amounts of Cortisol hormones that cause a wide range of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc., which damage the nervous system, including the nerve. The transmission of this information is “damaged”, causing the system to receive inaccurate information and improper operation, leading to vestibular disorders.

Vestibular syndrome is a consequence of a number of diseases such as otitis media, headache, neuritis, neuralgia, brain tumor, etc. For this reason, Department and modern medicine.

Habitat and unhealthy habits also cause hallucinogenic disorders such as noise pollution, body poisoning due to some medications, chemicals, eating habits, alcohol use, beer, stimulants, …

2. Symptoms of vestibular disorders

There are many symptoms of vestibular disorders and these symptoms are often recognizable. When you experience some of the following symptoms, the patient should have a medical examination and medical examination as soon as possible.

  • Eye pain, dizziness, wheezing, groggy.
  • Imbalance and disorientation: not standing, walking hard.
  • Disturbance of vision: Sensitive to light, difficult to focus on a point, hallucinogenic.
  • Hearing loss: Tinnitus, buzzing in the ears.
  • Change of mind: difficulty focusing, short-term memory loss, mental and physical fatigue.
  • Psychological changes: loss of self-control, self-deprecation, anxiety, panic, depression.

Swallow nest reduces the vestibular disorders 2

3. The edible bird’s nest support the treatment of vestibular disorders

People with vestibular disorders often have neurological, psychiatric, and psychiatric disorders. Unlike other conditions, vestibular disorders are difficult to diagnose. Think of common diseases such as anemia, depression … just eat enough food and rest properly a few days will run out.

People with vestibular disorders should take vitamin D, C, B6, folate. In addition to the main vitamins you should provide many other vitamins so that the body can be healthy and resistant to disease. 18 kinds of amino acids in bird’s nest will help you have a healthy body. With the use of edible birds nest bring this will help people with vestibular disorders satisfied.

_ Phenylalanine, Sialic Acid: Helps to nourish the brain, enhance memory, confusion, depression, memory problems, boost the immune system and antibody.

_ Fructose, Isoleucine: Helps patients recover health, supplement energy for the body.

_ Isoleucine: Hypoglycemia, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, depression, disorientation and discomfort, and also help regulate blood volume in the body.

_ Cysteine: Increases the propagation of nerve impulses, increases the absorption of vitamin D from sunlight. Leucine: (4.56%) regulates blood sugar levels.

Some of the other elements, such as Cu, Zn, bromine, manganese, chromium, selenium, have been added to the body’s needed amount of nutrients, helping to stimulate digestion and reduce aging.

Unlike many other strains, prefrontal dysfunction is a syndrome rather than a disease. People who are sick often feel that things around them are moving, causing dizziness, nausea. It also causes us to faint when blood pressure is unstable, the body loses the balance as drunk, heavier can bed or mental illness.

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