Should or should not for children under 1 eat bird nest ?

The use of bird nest can be said is extremely diverse. And birds nest is a food suitable for a variety of subjects. With the source of nutrients available and completely natural, the bird nest is a food that is very suitable for the health and development of young children. Therefore, now the bird's nest is very popular and very selective. However, children under 1 should use the nest or not? Let's find out later.

1. The origin of the bird nest

Since ancient times, the nest has been considered one of the eight dishes are very much loved by the kings. Swallow nest often appear in the breeding season of the nest. In addition, bird nest are also popular in many places.

There are three types of bird nest, white nest, blood nest and pink nest, each with its own characteristics, however, they all contain a very high source of nutrients. Depending on your child’s preference and age, you can choose the most suitable nest.

2. Why can not children under one old use the nest?

Should or should not for children under 1 eat bird nest ? 2

The period from 0 to 12 months of age is always considered to be the golden period for the child to develop in a comprehensive way. Therefore, the nutrition of children in this age is always very concerned mother. If in the early age that the health of the child is not good will greatly affect the development at later ages.

Breast milk is the recommended source of nutrients for children under 12 months of age. When the digestive system of the baby is not complete as well as the immune system is relatively weak, so the consumption of food other than breast milk is not a thing.

l not be healthy and this makes it difficult for children to be resistant to certain diseases. Digestive system of children is not perfect so it is very difficult for children to digest food so that children can be diarrhea or damage to the digestive tract.

Bird’s nest is a food with a lot of nutrients and special effects very positively on the development of children. However, for the above reasons, mothers should note that bird nest should not be used for children from 0 to 12 months. The body of the child can not absorb the nutrient abundant from the bird. Therefore, it is not only inappropriate that if you give the child to eat too early will affect the health of children.

In addition, with the relatively strong welding, the bird nest will be very easy to cause diarrhea for children, so that even if the age when children use bird nest you also need to learn thoroughly. Come here you probably answered the question is whether children under 1 should use bird nest or not. The use of baby bird nest in this period not only waste but also affect the health of the baby.

3. A few notes when using the bird nest for children

Should or should not for children under 1 eat bird nest ? 2

For children from 0 to 12 months old, the use of children’s nest is complete. When the child’s body is developed and the child’s digestive system and immune system are stable, the child can absorb the nutrients of the nest. However, you should also note the following things to help children use bird nest properly and most effectively.

You have to base on the age of the child to apply the appropriate dose of bird’s nest. For children from 1 to 3 years old you should only eat a small amount of bird nest each time and only about 1 to 2 times a week. As children age 3 to 5, you should increase the dose of bird nest gradually and frequency of use is also thicker to support the development of children.

When choosing bird nest for children you need to thoroughly explore the origin and quality of bird nest.

For children, due to the weak body, you should not use children’s nest of distilled water, but choose the birds nest or birds nest refined so that the quality and nutrition of the nest is guaranteed. More and more you have to pay attention to products for children to avoid buying cheap quality. To ensure the best you should choose the brand Bird’s Nest here.

When processing the nest for children you should not mix with too many different foods because that will affect the digestive system of children.

Thus, for the use of nest for children you need to consider carefully not only the quality, use of the birds nest but also rely on the object used birds nest. Especially for children from 0 to 12 months old you should not use children’s nest because it does not bring good results but also affect the health of children.

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