Those who should not eat the Bird’s Nest

Bird's nest food is extremely nutritious, very good for human health. There can not deny the benefits that the oats bring to people. However, if not properly used the right subjects, the nest is not effective as expected, but also affect health. So, let's go with us to find out who should not eat oats

But the object, the time should not eat bird’s nest

Salanganes’Nest is healthy food for human health if used properly and using the right subjects. Ingredients in Salanganes’N includes many vitamins, proteins, minerals, micronutrients, … have health effects, improve and restore the body. Since ancient times, Salanganes’Nest has been applied in dishes bowls serving the king. Many celebrities also use this food in health care support methods. Although there are many benefits, but also use science, before using, you should pay attention not to use Salanganes’Nest for people with abdominal pain, inflammation, weak people that function of the spleen. too weak.

Those who should not eat the Bird's Nest 1

The case should not use Salanganes’Nest

Bird’s nest is a natural product made from saliva of bird nest. Characterized by nutrient-rich gels, Salanganes’Nests are well-researched, nutritionists, pharmacists highly appreciate ingredients, uses for health and beauty. However, when there is demand for bird’s nest, consumers should also pay attention to some cases to avoid bad effects.

Specifically according to Oriental Medicine, Salanganes’Nest has a sweet taste, calculating, good effect on the business and taste, effective nutritional tonic, sputum, cough, asthma. Persons with bruising, cold, heat, abdominal obstruction, indigestion, abdominal pain, loose stools, cold solder or skin inflammation symptoms, acute bronchitis urological, real heat fever, … should not be used by the body at this time the metabolism is very poor, eating more waste and wasting the disease further development.

Those who should not eat the Bird's Nest 2

In addition to the cases related to body condition, children under 7 months should not use bird’s nest because the digestive system of children is not fully developed, not strong enough to consume Eat foods that have this nutritious ingredient. Parents should pay attention to the use of bird’s nest instead of using original oats.

In summary, the following cases should not be used or cautious when using Salanganes’Nest:

  • Persons with fever, headache, abdominal pain due to cold or abdominal pain, coughing more.
  • People with symptoms of dermatitis, acute bronchitis, urinary infections, fever real heat should not use Salanganes’Nest.
  • The people are weak, pale body, active weak, not absorb food, nutrients.
  • Persons, liquid urine, clear urine should not use bird’s nest.
  • Children under 7 months old.

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